Served as a represenative to the Economic Commission of Africa,Presently the Ambassador to The African Union and a Adjunct senior fellow for African peace and security issues at the Council of African Affairs , Nasr also sits on the Africa-Middle East Trade and Securities Counsel. Nasr Escobar has signed on with AL JAZEERA as a guest foreign policy analyst for the AL JAZEERA AFRICA division.



Nasr Escobar esq


Nasr Escobar, is also the founder and managing partner of Azzure,Iszar-Escobar & Associates and currently sits on its Executive Committee, Also serves as Chairman Emeritus of Team Azzure and President of the Afro-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce,Adjunct Lecturer at Oxford University,Emeritus Advisory Counsel for Caricom.

Nasr Escobar, expertise involves foreign securities and intellectual property. He has extensive experience in related fields such as mergers & acquisitions,unfair competition,trade secrets,partnership disputes,copyright and contract negotiating and drafting.

With an undergraduate degree in International Politics from The University of Miami, A minor in Interactive Media Studies from the University of Miami, Global Law and Policy Degree from Harvard and his Juris Doctorate from Oxford University, Nasr speaks fluent portuguese and arabic which this diveristy he has obtained clients and corporate sponsors in international markets .