Africa doesn`t need the U.S. two faced intelligence on China-Nasr Escobar esq

China-Africa Trade



During the visit to some African countries by Rex Tillerson, who was eventually terminated as secretary of state by Donald Trump without pause or hesitation, appeared to have one major purpose: To implement a divide and conquer strategy to African countries into abandoning the profitable trade deals and there unification with China. The statements Tillerson made on Africa-China relations were considered by many as deconstructive, undiplomatic, and intellectually abusive to the intelligence of African leaders.

After his meeting with African Union Chairperson Moussa Faki at the AU headquarters in Ethiopia, Tillerson said the U.S. believes that it is important that African countries carefully consider the terms of Chinese investments in Africa,He also said China needs to abide by all international rules and norms.

These statements and assertions are not only insincere and radicalized´╝Źgiven the conduct of the U.S. when engaging globally.

Global economist and political analysts examined and described the remarks as a sign of desperation and ratchet diplomacy with strong arm intentions that will not change the relationship between Africa and China, but raise more questions about the US’ motive to feel that its domestic policy of “America First” will also be imposed on Africa when it comes to the continent’s relations with other countries in the global trade and securities rush.

Moreover, to articulate that Africa is being fleeced by China and therefore it needs advice from the “morally correct US foreign policy toward Africa” is an insult to African leaders who engage in foreign policy and implement strategies and trade that benefit there respected nations .

This administration should know that business as well as diplomacy,is a relationship that`s determined by interests. The U.S. can engage Africa without undermining China, but creating conflict in Africa is what constructed America, nothing is more apple pie in the Trump administrations sky than global unrest where black and brown people reside.


By:Nasr Escobar esq

Nasr Escobar,Sits on the Africa-Middle East Trade and Securities Counsel. Prior to these appointments, Nasr Escobar served as General Counsel to Caricom (UK) and Counsel Emeritus for The Foreign Policy Institute Bureau of African Affairs responsibility for western African and regional security affairs