Ambassador Nasr Escobar Receives Royal Peace Award

Ambassador Nasr Escobar Receives Royal Peace Award

The Arab-African Securities Counsel for Peace honoured Ambassador Nasr Escobar, The Ambassador to The African Union and a Adjunct senior fellow for African peace and security issues at the Council of African Affairs with a Royal Peace Ambassador Award.

The Organization described the Ambassador as a personality with distinguished character, humble peaceful, focused and worthy of emulation, which informed the motive for the award.

Ambassador Escobar who received the award at the Commission’s head office appreciated the honour bestowed on him and attributed the award to the nobility of the Commission and its visionary leadership.

At the African Union, Ethiopia

He urged the commision to be good exemplaries and peaceful elitist of Africa and The Arab world,  Urging them to work hard, remain focused and committed to their studies and embrace the beauty of peace and development.

He thanked the Organization on behalf of the Commission and promised to convey their visit to The African Union and all represenatives of the Diaspora regions.


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